To participate in BRB's 2020 Virtual Recital, please read below for fun suggestions on photos and videos!      


Please submit any or all of the following:

  • Take 3 pictures of any beautiful pose in an interesting place or environment 

  • Video the 16 intro walks (articulating through the feet - toes, ball, heel) with hands held behind back. Can walk in circle or anywhere with camera following. 

  • Video our "Passacaglia" slow port des bras phrase in an interested place or environment

  • Video "Passacaglia" saute phrase (see practice video below)

  • Video "Passacaglia" saute phrase again from an unusual angle (ex. camera perspective angled up from the floor or camera perspective pointed downward from up high) 

  • 3-Pose Conversation Phrase video (3 poses that change with simple transitions, then hold counts 4-8).  Retrograde the phrase (do it exactly the same, but backwards). 

  • Run and assemble with arms reaching diagonally 

  • Video of running into a leap with 3rd arabesque arms 

  • Video of continuous Italian pas des chat jumps with arms reaching side 

  • Video of curtsey or bow 

  • Interview Question: Please complete the phrase on video "Dancing makes me feel __________ because ____________________." 

Please email to info@bayridgeballet.com using google drive or send to the studio's phone number (347) 968 - 6905 via the free application WhatsApp.

Submit no later than June 13 to participate. All submissions will be included! 

Please see our "Passacaglia" practice video and music below!  


Site-specific dance is defined as a performance that has been designed to exist in a certain place outside of the traditional stage. 


One of the first to explore site-specific dance was postmodernist choreographer Trisha Brown. who took dances to rooftops, vertical walls, rafts floating in a pond and a variety of other unconventional spaces.


Your assignment is to choreograph your own site-specific dance within the space you have during this quarantine. The solo must be at least 45 seconds and no longer than a minute.


Submit no later than May 30 to participate. All submissions will be included!

Please see the example below of a couple classmates' fantastic Site Specific solos! 

Passacaglia (edit)Bohumil Kotmel & Jan Pěruška
00:00 / 04:32