To participate in BRB's 2020 Virtual Recital, please read below for fun suggestions on photos and videos!      


Please submit any or all of the following:

  • Video scrubbing/cleaning anywhere in your home for 8 counts (be creative using cleaning items you already have in your home such as rags, brooms, mops, buckets, etc)

  • Video the choreography learned in class

  • Rag Catch Video: Helper needed to toss rag to the dancer from outside of the video frame. Please record toss from both sides of the video screen.   

  • Rag Toss Video: Helper needed to catch rag from outside the video frame when dancer throws. Please record tossing the rag from both sides of the video screen.    

  • Sparkle continuously in an interesting place in your home 

  • March continuously in an interested place in your home

  • Run and leap in an interesting place in your home

  • Video pretending to clean the screen of your device - make sure to be silly & smile on this one!

  • Remember your character and acting when recording. Keep your chin up to really show the emotion on your face.  

  • Video of jazz bow and huge smile

  • Interview Question: Please complete the phrase on video "Dancing makes me feel __________ because ____________________." 

Please email to info@bayridgeballet.com using google drive or send to the studio's phone number (347) 968 - 6905 via the free application WhatsApp.

Submit no later than June 13 to participate. All submissions will be included! 

Please see our "It's the Hard Knock Life" practice video and music below!  

It's the Hard Knock LifeBohumil Kotmel & Jan Pěruška
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