To participate in BRB's 2020 Virtual Recital, please read below for fun suggestions on photos and videos!      


Please submit any or all of the following:

  • Take picture of your dancer holding hands with a family member in an interested place or environment. Be sure to smile at each other! 

  • Take another picture holding hand with a loved one, but close up.

  • Video our "Some Thing's Never Change" choreography in an interested place or environment (practice video below).

  • Skip around a family member, hide behind them, then peek-a-boo from behind them 

  • Chasse (gallop) anywhere! 

  • Video of leaping, ending in first position with alligator arabesque arms 

  • Video of curtsey or bow 

  • Take a picture of your dancer's final pose

  • Interview Question: Please ask your child to complete the phrase "I love to dance because it makes me feel ____________."  

Please email to info@bayridgeballet.com using google drive or send to the studio's phone number (347) 968 - 6905 via the free application WhatsApp.

Submit no later than June 13 to participate. All submissions will be included! 

See below for our "Some Things Never Change" practice video below!