Please review the following information with your child to ensure a great performance.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  

Before the Show
  • Go to class and practice.  Attendance is crucial in learning and choreography.

  • Practice your child’s stage make-up and hair.  Please see these helpful tutorials for Children's Stage Make-up and Ballet Buns.

  • Label all dancewear and shoes with your child’s name.   

  • Pack backstage boredom busters such as books, crayons and coloring sheets.

  • Sign-up to help backstage or in the theater.  Please contact us to volunteer.

  • Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest and eats a big healthy meal before arriving.

  • Pack a bag with all your child’s supplies. See the check list below:

Recital Checklist
  • Healthy snack/lunch & water bottle for before the show. Pack snacks that are neat and will not stain dance wear! 

  • Leotard in dress code color for girls/white t-shirt for boys

  • Pink footed tights for girls/black leggings for boys (no holes)

  • ­­­Pink ballet slippers for girls/black slippers with black socks for boys

  • Extra dancewear in case any accidents occur

  • Stage make-up (powder, eye-liner, blush, lip-stick)

  • Hair supplies (hairspray/gel, brush, rubber bands, pins, hairnets)

  • Camera to capture special memories

  • Arrive on time or early with hair and make-up done.  We will provide help with hair and make-up if needed, but please arrive prepared if possible.

  • Arrive without bright colored nail polish, bandaids, temporary tattoos, etc to have a natural, neat look. 

  • No jewelry or watches should be worn to the performance. Please leave at home so they do not get lost. 

  • Dress rehearsal will take place shortly after arrival time. No parents in theater please. 

  • Wait patiently and quietly with your class for your turn to dance.

  • Remember to use the restroom before you put dancewear on.

  • NO TALKING BACKSTAGE!  The audience can hear you.

  • DO NOT TOUCH THE CURTAINS or any other equipment.

  • When it gets dark backstage, stand still.  Don’t worry, the lights will come back quickly.

  • Make sure the audience can’t see you backstage.  No peaking around curtain.

  • If you start to get nervous just take a big deep breath and get a sip of water.

  • Smile big on stage and have fun!