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The Junior Teacher Program is a wonderful opportunity for a limited number of students to develop leadership and teaching skills assisting with early childhood dance classes. 


Junior Teachers must love children and be a role model for their students and peers. A full school year commitment is required for all JT's. Absences are limited and must be communicated to the director.


Junior Teachers will be mentored by the teacher and be an important part of reaching classroom goals. JT's will discover age appropriate activities and teaching skills that will help develop them as a responsible teacher and a stronger dance student themselves. Also, when a student steps into the role of JT, they learn from being an example for younger students and ultimately grow as a person as well!     

For the majority of the classes in the lower school division, JT's participate in the Recital performance at the end of the school year, leading their class's choreography. 

Volunteer credits can be earned for school, university or summer program acceptance.

JT's are required to wear BRB dress code. Baggy sweatshirts or pants are not allowed and the dress code sweater should be worn in colder weather. JT's may wear skirts in ballet classes, but it is not required. All other dance forms should follow BRB dress code appropriate for the class. Please see our dress code page for more details.        


Please contact us if your child is interested in becoming a Bay Ridge Ballet Junior Teacher. 

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