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In-Studio Performance  


On the final day of the semester, Pre-Ballet I & Pre-Ballet II students will participate in an intimate in-studio recital in our performance space at 110 Bay Ridge Avenue!



Step 1. Please read all the important info below.

Step 2. Add date and times to your calendar.

Step 3: Confirm your child's participation by submitting the form below no later than April 1.  


Please let us know if you have any questions!  


BRB's Pre-Ballet Recitals will take place during your child's class time the final week of Spring Semester! 



BRB's Performance Space 

110 Bay Ridge Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11220



Go to class and practice. Attendance is crucial in learning choreography. Be sure your child eats a big meal or snack before the performance to have lots of energy for the exciting event! Talk to your child about smiling bright with their chin held tall and proud. Most importantly, have fun! 



Costumes will be given to students the day of the performance and then they are welcome to take them home! Students will try on costumes during class time and adjustments may need to be made. Students are required to where dress code to class and the costume will be worn over. 



Hair must be worn in a proper ballet bun for girls, please see bun tutorial HERE!  Boys must have long hair pulled back from face in a pony-tail or braided. 



Make-up is not required for Pre-Ballet performances. 



Masks are optional. If wearing a mask, students must wear a flesh colored mask that matches their skin tone as close as possible. We recommend purchasing your child's mask from our dress code provider Grand Prix, but any brand is acceptable.   


Seating is limited to 2 guests. Admission is FREE! We encourage you to support our school by helping to spread the word about BRB... Please tag us on social media in your child's Pre-Ballet Recital photos or write a review! We appreciate your support!   



Please click on the link below to confirm your child's participation & that you have read all the important information above.


Confirmation must be submitting no later than April 1! 

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