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Learning Through Performance

Performing is an integral part of a student’s education and teaches the process of learning how to rehearse and prepare repertoire. 


All students in elementary level classes or higher will have the opportunity to perform, experience working in groups, and to learn to develop a strong, productive and cooperative work ethic.       

Pre-Ballet students, learn more about your in-studio Recital HERE!  


BRB's 2024 Recitals will take place Saturday, June 15 for students in Elementary level classes or higher!

Please make every effort for your child to attend class and practice. Attendance is crucial to learning choreography for the individual & the group as a whole. 



A Confirmation & Performance Fee is required by March 15 to participate. 

Step 1. Carefully read the important recital information below. 

Step 2. Put all dates into your calendar. 

Step 3. Submit confirmation found at the link below no later than MARCH 15.  

A Performance Package Fee of $60/per student will be charged when you submit the confirmation below that includes digital download videos of both performances, a Recital t-shirt & covers performance staffing expenses.


You will also be asked to select the class/classes your child is registered for and charged $30 costume fee/class at the time of submission.      

If it is not possible to perform, the student will still learn the dance & be a part of the choreographic process. We encourage all students to take the opportunity to perform & be inspired from showcasing all their hard work on the stage.  BRB must be notified if a students is not participating by using the link provided HERE



Ballet classes in the upper school division will have Dress Rehearsal on Friday, June 14. All other classes will have Dress Rehearsal the day of the show, June 15.      

Please see detailed performance schedule with check-in times below:





Our Lady of Angels

337 74th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11209

Entrance on 74th Street

Parking Lot on 74th Street between 3rd & 4th Avenue

Train: R Train to 77th Street 

Bus: B4, B37, B63, B64, B9  


Step 1: Arrive on time or a few minutes early to the side entrance of Our Lady of Angels auditorium and check-in at the check-in station.

Step 2: Parent will receive a wristband with child's name to be shown to the class parent at check-in & pick-up.

Step 3: Take your child to the class parent for the first dance they are in. Look for a sign with the child's class information. To drop off your child, show the class parent your wrist band. 

Step 4: After the recital, please find your child's class parent for the last dance they were in. Look for the class sign in the auditorium. Classes will stand together along the wall. DO NOT pick up at the stage door.

Step 5: Your child will be dismissed to the parent who is wearing the wristband they received at check-in. Then, the parent can take their child to get their belongings. 


On performance & dress rehearsal day, students must arrive on time! If late, the child will miss important safety information and therefor may not be able to participate.



Costumes will be given to students the day of the performance and then they are welcome to take them home!  


Students will try their costumes on during class time when faculty and staff will assess if any adjustments need to be made. Parents may be asked to help with costume adjustments.  


Students must arrive without bright colored nail polish, bandaids, temporary tattoos, etc. to have a uniform, natural look.   

​*For girls in more than one dance: Arrive to the theater wearing a camisole leotard that matches your skin tone under their dress code leotard. Dancers will wear this for any costume changes.



For ballet classes, hair must be worn in a proper ballet bun for girls, please see bun tutorial HERE!  Boys must have long hair pulled back from face in a pony-tail or braided. Hair product should be used, so dancers have no loose hair in their face.

Non-ballet classes will receive instructions on performance hair from their instructor. 

For both tech rehearsal and performances, dancers must arrive with hair done. We recommend practicing your child's hair for classes. 



Simple make-up must be worn so we can see the dancers' faces under our performance lights. Please see the helpful "How to Apply Stage Makeup to Children" tutorial HERE.

For both tech rehearsal and performances, dancers must arrive with make-up done. We recommend practicing your child's make-up before the performance. 



Wearing a mask for the performance is optional. If wearing a mask, it is required to be a flesh colored mask that matches their skin tone as close as possible. We recommend purchasing your child's mask from our dress code provider Grand Prix, but any brand is acceptable.   


Arrive in dress code leotard for girls/black t-shirt for boys (arrive dressed). Costumes are worn over dress code for most classes. Please leave ballet skirts at home. 

Plan to arrive early or on time to tech rehearsal and performances at the theater. Tech rehearsal is the last practice is important for the individual dancer and the group as a whole to go over safety information and prepare on the stage.  


  • All dance shoes required for the show

  • Extra dance wear in case any accidents occur

  • Bathrobe or long sweater to wear over costume to keep clean 

  • Stage make-up (powder, blush, lip-stick, etc)  

  • Hair supplies (brush, rubber bands, pins, hairnets, hair product to secure loose hair)

  • Pre-show light snack (not too messy for costumes), between show meal and water 

  • Backstage Boredom Busters such as books, crayons and coloring sheets, board games or small toys

  • Name should be labeled on all dancewear and shoes!


Learn more about how you can celebrate your dancer with a very special congratulations HERE!


Advertise your business for hundreds to see at the performance and thousands to see though our social media platforms. Learn more HERE! 



Be a part of the behind-the-scenes team that helps make the magic happen! 


Learn more about volunteer jobs & sign-up to help HERE



Please let us know if you can help out with any of the items listed below. Performance donations can be brought directly to the theater. Thank you in advance for your support!  


  • Hair rubber bands

  • hairspray & gel 

  • Hair nets 

  • bobby pins & hair pins

  • Make-up including blush, eye shadow, lipstick, brushes, q-tips, etc 

  • Small bottled waters (please bring to theater the day of the show)

  • Coloring Sheets & Crayons 

  • Snacks/food for volunteers & dancers  



Tickets are on sale now! Be sure to check the schedule above to see what show or shows your child is in.


Purchase tickets HERE!   



Please click on the link below to confirm your child's participation & that you have read all the important information above. 


Confirmation must be submitted no later than MARCH 15! 


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