The Bay Ridge Ballet Student Ensemble is a training & performance program designed for committed, passionate dancers ages 8 to 18, who are interested in a pre-professional experience for their dance training.  

The Student Ensemble Program was developed by BRB director Patricia Foster-Grado, an ABT® certified instructor with 20+ years of teaching and performance experience, to foster artistry, technique and over-all health. The Student Ensemble helps young dancers build their pre-professional resume and provides them with the highest quality dance education that can translate into college or professional dance career!  


Student Ensemble classes and rehearsals will cover topics including class etiquette, vocabulary, nutrition, musicality, proper stretching, conditioning, stage etiquette, performance preparation and choreography for performance opportunities throughout the year. Extra rehearsals may be scheduled in preparation for upcoming performances.


Free master classes and choreography from highly experienced guest instructors, such as Michelle Tolson, formerly with the Radio City Music Hall Rockets and world renowned ballerina Kat Wildish!  


Discounted private lessons throughout the year!  




Excellent attendance and arriving about 15 minutes early to prepare for class will be required for participation, in order to develop the dancers both individually and as an ensemble.


Committing with a positive attitude is a must!   

New dancers must partake in an audition or placement class for acceptance to this special program. 


For optimal training and the best overall experience, an entire school year commitment is required for acceptance to the Student Ensemble. Summer training is also encouraged to maintain progress. 

Please see BRB's Ensemble Programs below and contact us if your child has interest in auditioning for BRB's Student Ensemble!  

Ballet I Student Ensemble


3 Day/7 Class Commitment:

Tuesday Stretch & Strengthen 

Tuesday Ballet I

Tuesday Student Ensemble Rehearsal

Wednesday Ballet I with Pre-Pointe

Wednesday Jazz Technique I 

Saturday Tap I 

Saturday Modern Technique I 

Tuition:  $2030 Per Semester

Payment Plan Available

Multiple class discount details HERE & schedule details HERE

Ballet II Student Ensemble

3 Day/10 Class Commitment: 

Monday Ballet II

Monday Pointe/Pre-Pointe II 

Monday Tap II 

Monday Jazz Technique

Friday Stretch & Strengthen 

Friday Ballet II

Friday Pointe/Pre-Pointe 

Saturday Ballet II

Saturday Student Ensemble Rehearsal 

Saturday Modern Technique II  

Tuition:  $2250 Per Semester 

Payment Plan Available 

Multiple class discount detail HERE & schedule details HERE

Ballet III/IV Student Ensemble

3 Day/10 Class Commitment:

Sunday Stretch & Strengthen III/IV

Sunday Ballet III/IV  

Sunday Pointe/Pre-Pointe III/IV or Boys Technique III/IV

Wednesday Ballet III/IV 

Wednesday Pointe/Pre-Pointe & Variation III/IV

Wednesday Student Ensemble Rehearsal 

Wednesday Jazz Technique III/IV

Thursday Ballet III/IV

Thursday Modern Technique III/IV

Thursday Tap III/IV  

Tuition:  $2250 Per Semester

Payment Plan Available

See full schedule HERE