Welcome to the Bay Ridge Ballet family!  Bay Ridge Ballet relies on the support of people like you to keep our organization thriving and help build a community school we can all be proud of. Thank you!



  • Body placement and lines are essential elements of ballet. Our dress code allows our instructors to observe and correct the posture and alignment of our students. 

  • All students are required to follow BRB's dress code, meeting all style and color specifications. See our Dress Code page for more details.   

  • Lower School Division/Pre-Ballet & Elementary Ballet: Long hair must be pulled back in a ponytail, braided or pinned in a bun. 

  • Upper School Division/Ballet I, II & III: Proper ballet buns are required for long hair. Short hair should be pinned up away from face. 

  • No jewelry. 

  • It is appropriate for students to wear cover-ups or non-dance clothes over dance wear when entering and exiting the building. 

  • As the weather gets colder, it is recommended that students purchase the uniform wrap sweater to keep on during class

  • Do not wear dance shoes outside. 

  • Ballet slippers must have elastics knotted and trimmed, if necessary.   

  • Child's name must be written on shoes and tags of all dance wear.

  • Adult classes do not have a required dress code: Comfortable clothing, socks, bare feet or ballet slippers are recommended. 





  • Students are placed in a class based on their birth year for our Lower School Division (Pre-Ballet and Elementary Ballet classes).    

  • Students who are 8 years old or older, will be required to take a placement class to determine the appropriate level in the school’s Upper Division (Ballet I and higher). 

  • Placement in the Upper School Division is based on placement, skill and ability, not age. 

  • Faculty and the director will evaluate students at the close of each school year. Advancement in levels will be based upon the dancer’s ability to be successful in the next class level. 

  • It is common for students in the Upper School Division to spend 2-3 years in each level before advancing. 




  • Students will be placed on pointe after careful evaluation of strength in the legs, feet, ankles, hip-rotation, abdominals and back.

  • Before students can safely go on pointe and for students to continue training on pointe, they must be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week in addition to the pointe classes.

  • BRB assists new pointe students with a safe and mindful approach, as pointe-work can be dangerous to a dancer who has not reached a certain skill level and proficiency in their technique.  



  • Regular attendance is necessary to maintain progress in all classes. 

  • Please visit BRB’s calendar located at bayridgeballet.com to see all closings and special events.   

  • Parents and students should notify the teacher of any foreseen absences. 

  • If excessive absences occur, students may not be allowed to perform in BRB performances.

  • Make-up classes can be scheduled for an equal or lower level class up to three times a semester.

  • Make-up classes are discouraged during Recital season to allow for students to learn their class's specific choreography. 

  • Submit an online Make-up Class Form to schedule! 




  • Students must be on time for class, in dress code and ready to dance! 

  • When late, in addition to being disruptive, students miss important warm-up exercises and risk being injured. 

  • Arriving 10-15 minutes early to prepare is recommended. 

  • Please be aware that students may not be allowed to enter the building more than 5 or 10 mins before class time due to extended cleaning procedures.

  • A student arriving more than 15 minutes late may be asked to observe class.  





  • Gum, candy, food and drinks are not allowed in the dance studio.

  • Water bottles are welcome for students at a Ballet I level or higher. 

  • Street shoes are not permitted on the dance floor. 

  • All mobile devices must be silenced in the studio. 

  • For students in upper division classes (Ballet l and higher), dance bags and all belongings should be taken into the studio during class time. 

  • Young students should leave belongings with a parent. 

  • Parents and siblings are not allowed in the dance studio unless approved by the teacher.

  • Students are not allowed in the studio without the teacher. 



  • To ensure the quality of our environment, Bay Ridge Ballet maintains a zero tolerance policy in regard to bullying, theft, or vandalism.  

  • During class, younger students who demonstrate disruptive behavior will be given warnings. If they continue to be disruptive, they will be asked to observe the class. All such incidents will be discussed with parents after class. 

  • Older students will be subject to class dismissal for poor attitude or disrespectful behavior. Positive attitudes provide the best learning environment for everyone in the classroom. In the event of a breech of these ethics, a meeting will take place and further incidents could lead to program dismissal. Refunds will not be considered for students or parents in violation of these policies. 



  • The waiting area is now closed due to our new Covid-19 Safety Policies.  

  • Bay Ridge Ballet is not responsible for anything lost or stolen. 



  • Parents can contact us via email to schedule a make-up for any equal or lower level class, if classes are canceled due to inclement weather. Parents will be e-mailed and called in the case of cancelation. 

  • BRB reserves the right to cancel any class with low enrollment. In the event of class cancelation, we will contact you with a second option, or a pro-rated refund will be given. 





  • All students and parents must follow BRB's strict Safety Policies & Procedures in response to Covid-19 to help maintain a healthy environment.

  • An inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any public place where people are present and BRB is not liable for any illness or injury. 

  • Should BRB be required to close, all classes will continue virtually at the same tuition rate. Refunds, credits and discounts will not be administered.  

  • Safety Policies & Procedures HERE




  • The school year consists of a fall and spring semester and we offer summer programs as well. 

  • A deposit must be paid at the time of registration, then an invoice will be e-mailed with your tuition balance. Tuition must be paid in full, on or before the first day of each semester or camp.

  • BRB reserves the right to charge the remaining balance to the credit card on file by the agreed upon date, if tuition has not been paid in full.   

  • Students enrolled in multiple classes, we can offer a payment plan.  

  • A $20 registration fee will be added for processing. Only one registration fee will be charged per family per semester. 

  • A $30 Simple Costume Fee (per class) for the Recital is due at the time of spring semester payment. 

  • Space is limited, but if classes have availability, late registration is available. Students who register after the semester has begun, will pay a prorated rate based on the remaining number of classes in the current semester. 

  • Bay Ridge Ballet does not administer refunds. 

  • A $30 fee will be due for all returned checks. The fee and tuition balance must be paid in cash within one week from the time the owner of the account is notified or the student will be withdrawn from the class.





  • School communication is sent via email. Please read to stay informed!  

  • Please make sure to save and unblock all Bay Ridge Ballet email addresses and to check your email regularly. Contact Bay Ridge Ballet if your email/mailing address or contact information has changed. 

  • For any class or school questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at info@bayridgeballet.com

  • For tuition questions, please e-mail bayridgeballet@gmail.com

  • You can also stay informed by following us on Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Bay Ridge Ballet reserves the right to photograph/video classes and performances for promotional purposes. Personal information will never be shared. 

  • Parents must always be respectful toward all BRB faculty, staff and volunteers. 

  • It is considered inappropriate for parents to discuss placement of students or to openly voice opinions on performance casting.  



  • Parents, please review with your child. 

  • Students should remember to use the restroom before class begins to minimize interruptions. If it is necessary to use the bathroom during class, the student should ask the teacher for permission and return to class promptly. 

  • Be respectful of your teacher by giving full attention and watchful eyes at all times. 

  • Be appreciative of corrections and apply them to training to assure growth. 

  • No talking during class, listening at all times.  

  • No leaning on the ballet barres and do not touch the mirrors. 

  • Finish all exercises and never stop in the middle of a movement. 

  • Leaving class is not allowed unless permitted by the instructor. 

  • All classes end with applause and a "Thank You" to your teacher.  

  • Smiles are not required, but are appreciated!

  • Now let's dance!