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In addition to paying respect to a centuries old tradition, the purpose of the ballet bun is to have the hair off the neckline to create an elegant line in a style that compliments the dancer's placement and that cannot move around.


Ballet I and higher students' hair must be worn in a traditional ballet bun at the crown of the head. Bangs are allowed for class, but must be secured back for performances.  For Ballet I and higher students with short hair, a sock bun is recommended. 


Pre-Ballet and Elementary dancers may wear their hair in a traditional ballet bun, in a neat ponytail or braided with any loose hair secured off the face. 


Small simple bun covers, bows, headbands, flowers or other fashion accessories are allowed for class, but not performances. 

Please see the bun tutorial videos below by clicking on the dancer. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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