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All JT's must read the following before their first class:



General Conditions of Participation:


  • Junior Teachers agree to participate in the program for the entire semester. Students who need to drop out of the program must give the school at least one month’s notice.

  • Junior teachers are expected to set an example for other students, both in behavior and dress.



Dress Code:


  • Come dressed in your class uniform, with hair in a neat bun. Remember that you are an example for the younger students, and they will learn habits from YOU - make sure your appearance is neat, no warm ups except for the approved ballet sweater.



Classroom Responsibilities:


  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the class that you are scheduled to junior teach for.

  • Before class, keep an eye on the students in your class, and make sure they are sitting quietly on the side of the classroom as they wait for their class to start.

  • An important part of the Junior Teacher’s job is to keep the focus on the teacher. During class, always demonstrate good ballet etiquette: pay attention to what the teacher is saying, demonstrate using “watching eyes” and “listening ears” with your body language, etc. If you are asked to demonstrate a step, do it full out, no marking. Always come into a class with a positive attitude.

  • Ask your teacher how you can be of assistance before class. Also always be on the lookout for children who need help with shoes, sweaters, masks, etc. Also look for students who may look nervous or who are not paying attention and quietly help by encouraging them.

  • When the class is standing facing the mirror, junior teachers should stand in front, facing the same way the teacher is facing, unless the teacher instructs otherwise.  

  • During exercises that travel across the floor, Junior Teachers should go to the opposite side of the room from the teacher. Junior Teachers should make sure students are quiet, lined up, and ready when it is their turn to go.

  • During the free dance, Junior Teachers should always do the exercise, dancing full with the students.

  • Junior Teachers should handle the children quietly and gently, helping them to remember that they need to be listening and paying attention to the teacher. Remember that it is the teacher’s job to give technical corrections, unless you've been instructed to check for something specific. 

  • After class, Junior Teachers should  assist children getting ready to go home. 

  • Help class transitions by reminding students to get ready quickly and quietly. 

  • Junior Teachers are dismissed when their students have all been picked up by their grown up from the lobby.



Spring Performance:


  • Many junior teachers will also perform with their classes in the spring recital. Junior teachers who are scheduled to perform must learn the dance as soon as possible - your students will be depending on you!

  • Ask your teacher to video your class's dance for you if you like, so you can practice!   




  • Junior teachers who must miss a class for any reason are responsible for informing the teacher. Email and also tell your teacher in person if you know that you will be absent ahead of time.

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